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Your Questions About Caregiver Jobs

Donna asks…

my jobs sucks I’m a caregiver and I’m trying to find a better paying job.?

Healthadvisor answers:

You might consider the field of medical transcription if you are interested in working from home. You would require some training which is inexpensive and can be done on-line at your own pace. The pay is good. If you choose to do this be sure you select a school who offers job placement. The U.S. Department of Labor projects jobs for medical transcriptionists will grow by 16% by 2015.

Thomas asks…

Assistant in getting a caregiver job in Canada?

did a practical nursing course December 2009 – April 2010. Have never worked in this area but need this job whereby I can take my two sons ages 17 & 14 with me

Healthadvisor answers:


There are certainly a good amount of jobs for caregivers in Canada, although I’m not too sure how many jobs allow you to bring your family with you. That would be something to discuss with the client during the interview process.


Mary asks…

What jobs are the least picky about who they hire?

My problem is this: due to an ailing grandmother, I was forced to quit several jobs without notice to drive across the state to take care of her. Consequently, my job history looks terrible and I’m finding it quite difficult to even get a callback from places to which I have applied.
We have relocated my grandmother and she’s got a live-in caregiver now, so it’s no longer an issue.
I’d like to know what jobs are the least picky about who they hire. The only thing I can’t or won’t do is commission-based sales.

Healthadvisor answers:

Go to craigslist.com there are so many positons available. Just tell them the truth and their human compassion will feel for you. When I’ve lied in job interviews it came back to bite me in the ass.

James asks…

Are there any jobs for people who enjoy working with special needs individuals?

I have been a caregiver for several people now with special needs, handicap physically or mentally or both. I was wondering what kinds of jobs are there other than caregiving where i can work with this demographic?

Healthadvisor answers:

Look in teh SOCIAL SERVICE section of the help wanted ads

Paul asks…

where can i find a job for caregiver in Ireland?

I’m looking for a job as a caregiver in ireland

Healthadvisor answers:

You need Garda vetting and to register with the HSE.

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