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Caregiver Stress

Signs of Caregiver Stress:

Signs of Caregiver Stress
Taking a ‘Healthy Break’

A caregivers’ job is a constant one, and stepping away every now and again is essential to the whole family’s health.

There aren’t too many families today where somewhere along the line someone’s not doing their share of caregiving. Whether it’s a child to a parent, a parent to a child, a sibling to a sibling, someone is taking care of a sick family member.  The problem with this is that more often than not, the caregivers themselves are getting sick.

But the constant physical, emotional and mental worrying over an ailing loved ones’ health is not something that one can tolerate on a nonstop basis. If you ask me, there should be an organization set up just for caregivers to take a break – not from their sickly loved ones – but from the disease that is affecting the both of them. A healthy break is what I would call it.


I read this article a little while ago and I agree whole heartedly.   Caregivers do need to take a break to recharge, revive and relax.   But the problem is; who will care for their love ones while they are away.

We here a Lighthouse Caregiver Systems have assembled  what we call a virtual caregiver system which monitors changes in the care recipient environment, vital statistics and more.  Our virtual caregiver will be able to fill in the gap while the caregivers take a break and send out alerts to the caregiver when the environment changes, giving the caregivers piece of mind that their loves are being looked after.

You can see our virtual caregiver systems here.

2 Responses to “Caregiver Stress”

  1. Healthadvisor
    11:14 am on March 12th, 2011

    Other than paid work, the people most prone to burnout are caregivers.
    Caregivers devote themselves, sometimes unpaid and at their own expense, to the care for chronically ill or disabled family members, friends, or patients. This role often comes with a change in family dynamic, household disruption, and financial concerns. The work involved with caregiving is
    often overwhelming and factors such as inadequate support, poor management and planning can lead to caregiver burnout. When caregiver burnout occurs, the caregiving experience is not healthy for the caregiver or the recipient. Sometimes leading to Elder Abuse.

  2. Healthadvisor
    9:03 pm on April 14th, 2011


    More than one-third of caregivers provide intense and continuing care to others while suffering from poor health themselves.

    What do you think?

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