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Your Questions About Caregiver Agencies

Donald asks…

My moms caregiver is sleeping with my dad. Should I call her work?

My mom had a stroke 2 yrs ago and has a caregiver who helps her. She is employed through a caregiving agency in our town not privately. My mom left my dad 3 weeks ago because he drinks and was being rude to her. 2 weeks ago she fired the caregiver to hire me cause I just had a baby and can take him with me and work. My mom always thought the girl had a crush on my dad and yesterday my husband and I went to my dads to get some of my moms stuff and the caregiver answered the door. My mom asked my dad about it and he said that they were together. I know they must have been messing around even befoer my mom left. My 15 year old brother spent the night there tonite and said my dad and the caregiver were up in my dads room. I am wondering if I should call her agency and tell them what she is doing or just let it go. My mom is obviously upset. I think her work should know she is sleeping with her patients husband.
To answer some of the questions, yes they are still married, and she still works for the agency she just has a new client now since my mom called and said she didnt need her any more. My mom wants me to kick her *** which I am thinking about doing.

Healthadvisor answers:

Definitely report her. Caregivers are in a position of trust in someone’s home and to do what she has done is not only unprofessional, but morally wrong. She should be fired to protect other prospective clients. If she is capable of this, what else is she capable of – theft, abuse, extortion? She obviously has no morals.

Joseph asks…

I am a caregiver 2 x a week for a lady with pd so her husband can get away a bit. She is telling me that he is

I am a caregiver 2 x a week for a lady with pd so her husband can get away a bit. She is telling me that he is keeping things from her,like not letting her open the mail, finance decisions, etc. and is angry and cries about this.
He won’t let her touch the mail if it’s important, cuz she mixes things up and loses things. She had an 18 inch pile of mail on the table when I started there and a couple feet of clothes on the bed. She thinks she is cleaning these things up but she just keeps moving them around!!! Why is this???
She once told me he hit her so I called the agency and they met with her and she changed it to he pushed her down in a chair. She wants to be so independent that she does not keep herself safe and frequently falls.She is so willful, not sitting down to let me put on her pants.She thinks she can just walk around w/o her walker, and sometimes she can and sometimes she can’t but doesn’t seem to have the judgement to know when. 75 years old and it’s hard to keep up with her. He also wants me to control her spending when HE can’t. She spent 900.00 one day on 3 pants and 1 suit jacket. It’s embarrasing to try to tell her anything in the stores, of course the clerks want to sell. She had a gambling problem in the past, now it seems to be buying things.
Sometimes she is obviously confused and other times not. She wants me to take her to the bank for money and I can’t do it anymore. I found hundreds of dollars mixed in the papers and magazines on her table. I never throw anything out w/o checking if there is money in it.
This is extremely difficult, being between the 2 of them. He seems like a very kind, sweet man, but not according to her. She is so angry at him and he is constantly caring for her. I talked him into 2 days of respite a week because I thought he was going to burn out and he seems a bit better now. She says he calls her bad names sometimes, and he says she is confused. Many times he gets little sleep. When I am there she is very high maintainance, wanting something every time I sit down. I never let her walk alone even with a walker and my own hip is giving me pain. I am only 51. She wants to go to store after store. We do enjoy going out to lunch 2 x a week and we are great friends most of the time.

My 2 main concerns are her lack of care about keeping herself safer and her anger at him. I guess the shopping thing is very hard too. I am the only person who will take her to a store. She wants everything she sees. Literally.

If anyone can clue me in, I would really appreciate it. Kathy
Her doctor knows and so do my supervisors.
PD is Parkinson’s Disease

Healthadvisor answers:

Sounds like dementia. Maybe the husband needs to declare her incompotent and become her legal guardian and power of attorney if she is becoming too much for him to handle he should consider an assisted living or nursing home good luck

Susan asks…

How and where could i get an application for canadian job order?

I presently work here in taiwan as a caregiver? Is there any chance i could go canada as a direct hiring? Is canadian embassy here in taiwan could help find an employer instead going to agency here..is some procedure could be possible as like that? As long as i provided all the documents needed and imposed by canadian government and passing by interview….could i get the job order from canada direct.Seeking for an answer.

Healthadvisor answers:

Why don’t you get online and find a canadian job placement agency and ask THEM to help you? Type in the name of the province you would like to live inand then jobs/healthcare. OR try Monster.com or Yahoo jobs. Good luck! I love Ontario!

John asks…

Is it still possible for a filipina like me to get a schengen visa after being deported from taiwan?

I applied as a caregiver in Taiwan but was made to work as a maid cleaning 2 houses and caring for a child and an old lady.Since it was my first time to apply for a job outside the Philippines,I didnt know what to expect and found out I was cheated by my agency not to mention forced to signed blank documents upon my arrival .I ran away from my employer out of frustrations of my ordeal and found a guy who fell in love w/ me and took care of me. helped me paid my debts from the bank (used for my placement fee).He now asked me to go w/ him in europe to meet his parents and i’m worried about my visa application.would it reflect in my passport that I was deported? does it mean that I will have difficulty for schengen visa application? pls.if there’s anybody who have knowledge about this matter kindly enlighten me since my boyfriend and I were planning to go on sept.this year to europe…thanks!! I would really appreciate any reply.

Healthadvisor answers:

Yes, if your passport shows you where deported then chances are you will be denied, when you apply you need to also include a letter showing why you where deported and that might help as Embassies here in the Philippines know about the abuse of workers going abroad. I wish you the best

Lisa asks…

I was the caregiver 4 mom w/cancer be4 she died. Can i use my experience in my cover letter 4 a care aide job?

I have just graduated from a nursing assistant program ( care aide) while i was in school my moms cancer spread and i took a leave of absence to be w/her.

I was able to set up there home so she could pass away amongst family/friends, including pain manage, med’s, oxygen, etc, for approx 3 months,

Just so happens 10 months later, graduated, a position with a cancer agency is available, would it be totally wrong to include that experience along with the skills etc. i assisted with in my cover letter ?

Healthadvisor answers:

No not really…it would be volunteer and personal experience.
Personally, I would state that I wanted to build on my education and experience with a paid position to further my skills and education…
Go Girl!

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