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Middle-aged daughter with aging parents.

Middle-aged daughter with aging parents.

Our virtual caregiver systems, independent living aids and  independent living technologies are designed to enable individuals to remain independent and at home by remotely assessing activities of daily living, remotely managing chronic health conditions, maintaining virtual communications between the individual and family/care partners through an easy to use interactive touchscreen, virtual visits with two way web conferencing and encouraging mental activity and brain fitness.

At heart of our independent living technologies and aids is the Grandcare Interactive Touchscreen system which is placed in the residence and connected to any dedicated Internet Connection.

It communicates wirelessly with designated wireless, blue-tooth, X10 and Z wave sensors throughout the home.

Designated Caregivers/family can log into the Grandcare Website and access sensor graphs, vitals and setup parameters/rules to receive alerts if specific events occur (meds not taken, door is opened at odd times, fridge not is not accessed at meal time, individual did not get out of bed, blood pressure is too high, etc.).

Independent living interactive touchscreen technology

Independent living interactive touchscreen technology

Family can virtually send pictures, messages, emails, reminders, calendar appts, youtube videos and more to the interactive touchscreen in the residence.

The resident does NOT need to know how to use a computer to operate the Grandcare System.  We offer optional brain exercises, news headlines, weather reports, trivia, card games, entertainment pieces, spiritual offerings, quotations, videos, word definitions and more as optional selections for the resident.

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