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Your Questions About Caregiver Agencies

Posted: Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Susan asks…

Can someone please help me correct my grammars, thx!!!?

Please help me correct my grammars/spellings, or worded to make it sound better. Thanks so much!!


Seeking a caregiver position in a homecare agency


Taking care of the elderly as a private caregiver (2009 – Present)

My tasks are as followings: sitting with the client to comfort her, assist with walking when needed, reminding to take medicine when needed, giving out food and drink, playing memory game with the client, sweeping the house, cleaning the dishes, dusting the furniture, and reporting changes in client condition to her daughter when needed.


My clinical experience in the long term care environments to include: obtaining and reporting vital signs, assisting with all activities of daily living, to include, answering call light, feeding, bathing, assists the residents with ambulation, toileting, making beds, changing briefs, dressing, giving and emptying bed pans/urinals, perineal care, turning patients, backrubs, providing privacy, and infection control.

Healthadvisor answers:

The only error i see is in the spelling of experience in the work area of your resume. Read More

Long Distance Caregiving

Posted: Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011
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