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Your Questions About Caregiver Agencies

Posted: Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

Donald asks…

My moms caregiver is sleeping with my dad. Should I call her work?

My mom had a stroke 2 yrs ago and has a caregiver who helps her. She is employed through a caregiving agency in our town not privately. My mom left my dad 3 weeks ago because he drinks and was being rude to her. 2 weeks ago she fired the caregiver to hire me cause I just had a baby and can take him with me and work. My mom always thought the girl had a crush on my dad and yesterday my husband and I went to my dads to get some of my moms stuff and the caregiver answered the door. My mom asked my dad about it and he said that they were together. I know they must have been messing around even befoer my mom left. My 15 year old brother spent the night there tonite and said my dad and the caregiver were up in my dads room. I am wondering if I should call her agency and tell them what she is doing or just let it go. My mom is obviously upset. I think her work should know she is sleeping with her patients husband.
To answer some of the questions, yes they are still married, and she still works for the agency she just has a new client now since my mom called and said she didnt need her any more. My mom wants me to kick her *** which I am thinking about doing.

Healthadvisor answers:

Definitely report her. Caregivers are in a position of trust in someone’s home and to do what she has done is not only unprofessional, but morally wrong. She should be fired to protect other prospective clients. If she is capable of this, what else is she capable of – theft, abuse, extortion? She obviously has no morals.

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