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For Seniors

Freedom and Peace of Mind

If you are a Senior who are doing any of the following:

  • Are aging in place?
  • Live with a chronic illness?
  • Have a disability?
  • Live in an independent living or assisted living facility?
  • Can’t afford in-home nursing?

    Vibrant Seniors with granddaughter on grass

    Vibrant Seniors with granddaughter on grass

And have family  members and friends who are  concerned about your health or safety, now you can provide them with the peace of mind they are seeking for much less than you may imagine.

With a simple, affordable new system your family and caregivers can rest easy, instead of worrying.  Now they can spend quality time enjoying your company.

Innovative technology allows your family and professional caregivers to stay closely connected with you, without changing or disrupting your daily routine.

Automatic communication and easy monitoring makes this possible.  Tiny sensors alert caregivers of unusual changes in your health, environment or routine based on your unique circumstances.  You do nothing but live freely and comfortably!

Sometimes an assisted living facility is the best choice for you and your family.  In this case, you still deserve a close and engaging connection with caregivers and family.  Ask your group home, independent living or assisted living facility about a low cost, wireless communication device from Lighthouse Caregiver Systems.

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