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Welcome to Lighthouse Caregiver Systems.

People are living longer and longer today than any other period in history.

There are 39.8  million Americans age 65 or over.  By 2030 there will be 70 million and by 2050 over 100 million.

Nursing homes, assisted-living facilities and skilled care providers are finding it difficult to keep up with the demand of our aging population.

Therefore, many families have made the decision for an elderly parent or love one to live with them to  provide the care that’s needed and to keep an eye on mom and dad’s overall well being.

The burden of these added responsibilities increase the pressures of everyday life and include:

  • Coordinating Transportation
  • Health & Medical Needs
  • Dining  and,
  • Managing Finances.

Our mission here at Lighthouse Caregiver Systems is to use “Technology to improve the quality of life for the Care Giver and the Care Recipient”.  Our systems are configured and programmed to match the Families requirements.

Here is a link to ABC News discussion of our “Virtual Caregiver” technology.

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Joseph Walden

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